Design, innovation and development

We create the packaging of your product from scratch. We make it different, so it stands out by keeping the identity of the product it sells and resolve all technical issues for production by working closely with your provider.

Containers such as corrugated cardboard or card stock boxes and cases; wooden boxes; plastic bottles(die-cut, injection-moulded, blown or thermoformed); paper or plastic bags; all kinds of display cases made from a wide range of materials; molded cellulose containers; glass bottles and jars; any type of digital lithographic printing, flexography, screen printing, pad printing digital printing and much more.

Branding & graphics

We will dress your product in the most appropriate and contemporary way and we will respect your corporate identity, adapting your logo or brand on the packaging in the best way. And if you do not have a logo, we will create it for you. We will project the brand, the naming, the corporate graphics and communication contents in an appealing manner on your product, differentiating it from the competitors. We will handle the complete tracking of all the production processes related to the design of your packaging, ensuring quality control of material and printing.


During the packaging development process you will be able to view virtual 3D images, simulations of applied graphics and even realistic prototypes with which you will verify your project before production.

Search for suppliers worldwide

We will find the specific and ideal supplier which meets your needs to produce or sell your packaging, no matter where it is based, in case we have not appointed it ourselves. We maintain direct contact with major manufacturers and distributors around the world and we will advise you on the technical specifications for your packaging.

Import of handmade packaging

We have wide experience in manufacturing and globally distributing any type of packaging which by its nature must be produced by hand.

Purchasing & production management

We maintain relations with different preselected and prescribed suppliers. We define the technical specifications of the references to budget, presenting you several quotes to choose the best option among. We propose possible supply options and agreements in order to get better discount. We offer cost studies, control of production and tracking of delivery deadlines of your package. And always with total transparency.

Preparing technical information

We create and we provide you with all necessary technical documentation to define the technical specifications of your references are containers, packaging and related services through records of production, printing and technical design elements.

Promotional items at the point of sale; POS

Floor displays, counter displays, display boxes, shelf signage, shelf talkers, etc. Every advertising and promotion element which boosts the buying impulse at the point of sale.

Automatic packaging lines

If we have located a standard container or have customized it for you, we also provide you the packaging line in case your package requires any kind of automation.