Frooot Originality and simplicity in an electrifying combination. Functional packaging with a minimum of material and intuitive handling, both in the packhouse and at the consumer. We have developed a unique to-go packaging that combines product protection and visibility with maximum customisability and ease of use. A design registered by PackCo

Leo Rizzi

Leo Rizzi Design of an exclusive case for a promotion campaign for the record company of the Spanish newcomer LEO RIZZI.The case is designed for the presentation of Leo’s 1st microphone. At the same time it has to protect during transport. Handcrafted by our team. 


Buunch Packaging project for the delivery of flowers and plants by express parcel for a New York florist. The structural design had to ensure the perfect condition of the plants on arrival at the final customer, as well as all the elements to prevent tipping and spillage, and to carefully preserve the delicate parts of…