Trececasas Presentation case for the luxury real estate agency Trececasas. The case holds documents and a pen, while a tablet is integrated in the lid to show company videos – an adequate form of presentation for this exclusive company.


Eclipxa Proyecto de naming, branding y estructural para marca de alineadores dentales. The naming and the graphic realisation describe the moment after the treatment when the patient beams with happiness and self-esteem: “Eclipxa – Time to shine”. For the presentation of the product, a high-quality finished case was designed in which the dental aligners could…

Frubalmed – The Jungle Team

Frubalmed – The Jungle Team 360º project: Naming, branding and graphic design. Development of a brand and graphic concept to promote fruit consumption among children. «The JungleTeam», includes a group of 5 animal friends hiding as a silhouette in the brand logo. As a packaging idea, the first step was to develop 4 different bus…


Pantanelli Structural design, graphic adaptations and production management of this single-row and double-row packaging, which allows the product – Belgian Premium Cream Puffs – to be well protected and always fresh. We have also developed an innovative collar for the single tray, which, in addition to providing an extra surface for branding, offers protection and…


Inbani Packaging design and production management of a surface care kit for INBANI. The luxury bathroom and kitchen company offers these kits with products that can be used for maintenance or touch-ups after installation. The tailor-made foams inside and embossed details outside create a look befitting the premium company.


Frooot Originality and simplicity in an electrifying combination. Functional packaging with a minimum of material and intuitive handling, both in the packhouse and at the consumer. We have developed a unique to-go packaging that combines product protection and visibility with maximum customisability and ease of use. A design registered by PackCo


Agrado Prototyping project with the aim of producing a perfect replica of the final product.The prototypes were used for advertising the product as well as Photo Shootings and product presentation at trade shows. Handcrafted by our team.