Pólvora BLUE

Pólvora BLUE Design of brand and label of the Pólvora BLUE beer, the second beer brand of Cerveza MASCLETÁ. Both beer brands have the Valencian Fallas as their product concept. The original beer represents the Mascletá midday fireworks, while the new Pólvora BLUE beer, smooth and vibrant, represents the Nit del Foc fireworks.


PaperNET PapernNETs are tailor-made nets, for big and for medium sized fruit pieces. The net is made of twisted paper cord, a highly sustainable and recyclable material that gives a tremendous robustness. It is one of our internal developments, registered and commercialized by us.

Montosa baskets

Montosa baskets Project for the development of alternative packaging to the current 100% plastic avocado trays of Frutas Montosa. The proposals, made with sustainable materials, guarantee the protection of the product and improve MONTOSA’s brand image by completely avoiding the use of plastics.