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PackCo is a company dedicated to packaging design and development in Valencia; a multidisciplinary team offering a wide range of services focused on differentiating and improving the presentation of your product at any point of sale.

Offering a comprehensive service, while maintaining close and fluent communication with clients, to ensure that you can feel comfortable and confident outsourcing these types of tasks from your company.

Comprehensive Service

Creation and production management

Our field of work encompasses the creation of trademarks and logos (naming & branding), applied graphic design and the structural development and innovation of any type of containers and packaging.

Providing solutions for all technical aspects, such as the generation of the technical documentation required for production, selection of materials, production and print systems management, quality control and production deadlines.

At PackCo, our priority is to exceed our clients’ expectations and to create long-term relationships.

And that is why we take care of every detail of each project as if it were our own.

Manufacturing customised packaging

Packaging innovation

Development of new packaging concepts, ideas and innovative designs. Our passion for creation has led to the registration of highly innovative packaging in the target market, both for our clients as well as ourselves.

All internally created packaging is offered and marketed to our clients.

Keeping abreast of all new materials that appear on the market and all their possible applications are researched.

The management of the registration of industrial designs, patents and trademarks is offered as an additional service to our clients

Providing advice regarding packaging lines and/or automation for our designs.

Structural development

Creating unique packaging products using suitable materials from scratch.

Possessing the capacity and technical qualifications for the design for any type of container and packaging, the composition of the material(s).

Preparation, revision and approval of our structural designs for the manufacturing process.

The drawing up and making available of all the technical documentation required to define in greater detail the technical specifications of the packaging, container references and other related items, via production and printing data sheets and technical drawings.

Brand design and communication

Fitting out your product in the most appropriate and contemporary attire, maintaining the graphic identity of the product in the container or packaging design that is created.

Adapting your logo or trademark to the result, and if you do not have one, a trademark will be designed for you.

Showcasing the name of your product, its trademark, your corporate identity, the packaging contents or texts and aesthetic appeal in general setting it apart from the competition.

Preparing photo simulations of the graphics applied to the product and packaging.

Production Management

Seeking and working with hand-picked suppliers based upon their capacity and dedication in producing your packaging under the best qualitative and economic terms and conditions.

Defining the technical specification of the references to be budgeted for and presentation of the different studies and cost calculations so as to choose the best purchase option.

Proposing different options and potential supply agreements in order to obtain better discounts during the purchase management process.

Undertaking the monitoring of production deadlines, quality control, the attainment of certificates of conformity and delivery of packaging until final approval and put on the market.

Prototypes and models

Manufacturing, mainly, from our facilities, prototypes to test your project in each of the design stages and prior to production.

Preparing all types of prototypes and models for the presentation of the products to your clients.

Manufacturing short runs, using die-cutting and digital printing technologies, mainly paperboard and corrugated cardboard.

Creating and specifying all aesthetic and technical aspects of your new packaging.

At PackCo, we assist you throughout the entire process, from the development of the packaging to manufacture.

Listening, analysing and setting the ball rolling


Jose Navarro holds a Diploma in Industrial Design from CEU San Pablo, Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia and a Bachelor’s Degree in Packaging and Communication Design from the Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom.

Possessing over twenty years’ experience in the design, development and innovation of containers and packaging for food and industry, for companies such as Coleman Planet & Partners Ltd., ITENE – Packaging, Transport & Logistics Research Center, Lantero Group, Huhtamaky Van Leer and SanLucar Group. 

For over ten years he has taught Packaging and Container Design in the Master’s Degree in Design offered at the CEU San Pablo Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia.

He has received several awards in the Starpack Competition, organised by the Institute of Packaging of England, and awarded the 2003 and 2005 Liderpack prizes, organised by Hispack and Graphispack.

Michael Stephan holds a Diploma in Communication Design from the Ecosign Academy in Cologne, Germany. During his studies, he pioneered a creative painting workshop in Cologne. Art continues to be, together with photography, one of his pastimes and a source of inspiration in his creative life.

He worked as a Brand Designer for over thirteen years at SanLucar, an international fruit and vegetable supplier company, where he participated in the development of the “SanLucar” brand and corporate identity.

For several years, he was in charge of the implementation of the brand in all communication channels, merchandising, packaging and point of sale decoration areas.

He has also undertaken packaging development tasks and coordinated the product and packaging processes testing both in Europe and overseas. Thanks to this experience, he has in-depth knowledge of the processes between product supplier, packaging supplier and the commercial area.


We are passionate about your projects

Listening and analysing all your project needs. Specifying budgets and deadlines, whether for our services or those of manufacturers, so that you are fully aware of all costs at any given moment.

During the design process, contributions are welcomed. Working as a team so as to obtain the most satisfactory result possible for all those involved, including the client and the manufacturers working on the project.

Always maintaining close and fluent communication with you to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident outsourcing the technical and graphic design and production of your containers or packaging.

We have contracted PackCo, Brand and Packaging for the development of new models of boxes for Online Shops and the service they provide is really very professional, they have provided us with very good packaging solutions that allowed us to move forward with the development of boxes for online shops. This company is a very good choice.
Román Alvarez
Ecommerce Packaging and Boxes for Industry
Cartonajes Alboraya
Very good experience! The team is attentive, thoughtful and creative. They strive to find the most suitable solutions for your project, we feel very well supported. Go there with your eyes closed!
Emma Jacquet
Complete professionals!! They helped us from scratch to develop certain new, sustainable packaging that was also functional and attractive. A huge challenge which was passed with flying colours. They were always attentive, clear and direct throughout the entire process.
Eduardo Hijlkema
Kento Shop
Good communication and quick responses. They completely understood what we required and fine tuning the finishing touches was easy. Innovative and interesting designs.
Raquel Fortuny
Bussiness Unit Manager UK
Vicente Giner
I turn to PackCo whenever I need help from two professionals in the packaging sector. We suggest design opportunities and they always come up with interesting solutions. As far as I'm concerned, the most important thing is their creativity and innovation capacity.
Amadeo Isach
General Manager
INFIA Ibérica
Demonstrating from the very start of the project to be a specialist company in its field. We learned a lot about packaging from them. Proving to be flexible when we made changes in direction and were always willing to propose new ideas without losing sight of the design and costs. The company is a very good supplier and we will certainly go back to them for any new projects.
Elisa Madrid
Marketing Coordinator
EBIR Bathroom Lighting
Impressive treatment from the whole PackCo team. It was our first custom packaging design and it was noticeable from our side, however, they were very patient with us and the final product has changed the face of our brand here in Germany both online and in retail. I recommend them 100%. Mach weiter so!
Carlos Martínez Sweeney
Muchos Más
Excellent service, from the first contact to the final delivery, very professional, you can see the experience, good taste and proactivity. 100% recommendable. I will definitely work with José and his team again.
Diego García
Marketing Manager
Elefant Travel
Great professionals, they have designed a box for our product the black truffle of Teruel and they have done a great job. Thank you.
Juan Tarragon
Gusto Mediterráneo

Partners and professional sectors

Our common objective is to capture consumer’s purchasing decisions for all those products where innovation and brand are important in differentiating them from the competition.

Possessing over twenty years’ experience in the creation and management of packaging and containers, brands, corporate identity and point of sale communications mainly in the agri-food sector, and we are technically qualified to work in any sector in the food processing, beverage, personal hygiene, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, electronics, décor, etc. industries.

Developing on a structural level any type of packaging, such as packaging for fruit, cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, wine boxes and cases, environmentally-friendly packaging, sustainable packaging, injection moulded, thermoformed and blow moulded plastic containers, glass bottles and jars, paper or plastic bags, metal boxes and cases, sales promotion items, etc.

Likewise designing everything related to applied branding, such as trademarks and logos, naming studies, corporate image, corporate stationery, corporate identity manuals, etc.

Working with an extensive network of suppliers that are selected principally due to their professionalism and quality in the manufacture of our designs.

Maintaining direct contact with the leading packaging manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

Appointing a specific and appropriate supplier that will be able to supply the container or packaging that meets your needs, wherever you are.

This is at the very core of the way we work, values which are applied to each of the different types of services offered, in the different stages of development and innovation of all types of containers and packaging.


Tailors outfit the man,

packaging dresses the brand


We are a small team of professionals, a boutique business with a wealth of experience in our specialist fields, something which enables us to maintain a formal and friendly relationship with the managers or directors of our contracted projects.

Our main objective is to meet expectations in the creation of our packaging and brands, which make a difference in terms of capturing consumers’ purchasing decisions for all those products where innovation and presence on the shop shelf play a key role in setting those products apart from the competition.

For us, packaging is both the content and a medium.

It must not only be about protecting and transporting the product; but likewise convey its unique identity and qualities.

The creation of the packaging must respond to consumers’ needs and its action should be part of a marketing strategy.

It is impossible to imagine

a product without packaging

Aesthetics and protection

Creating from scratch customised packaging for your product. Ensuring that the result is different, attractive and which stands out, all while maintaining the identity of the product that is sold.

Each project for us is different and unique and that is how it is handled from the very start. We are guided by the needs of the product contained within the packaging and our design process includes the application of our aesthetic touches, creativity and innovation, always upon solid technical foundations.

There is no innovation if it cannot be manufactured and brought to fruition in an industrial environment.

Packaging must protect

the product and the planet


Demonstrating and advising our clients as regards the best choice and use of materials and likewise adapting to automation and product needs. Similarly maintaining open communication regarding the origin and provision of the material, which are primary factors when classifying these as a sustainable company.

Constantly searching for sustainable solutions, innovative materials, methods to reduce the material used for packaging and the implementation of biodegradable and compostable materials.

Thanks to our technical knowledge as regards all possible materials used in industrial manufacturing and its processing processes, knowing how to apply the eco-design factors in the selection of the material best suited to the packaging requirements.

Please visit our project gallery so as to admire the result of our actions as much as we do.

If you like the way in which our packaging projects are undertaken,
we would like to hear from you and find out more about your project first-hand.

Packaging design,

a silent marketing tool

Please fill in the form and we will contact you shortly. Office hours: Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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